Pregnancy Classes pt 2

Here’s my quick opinion of each class based only on my birthing experience with my first child. It’ll say yes or no along with a brief reason.

Early Pregnancy – Yes* but you can find everything online

Late Pregnancy – YES because the hospital tour really made hubby and I feel more at ease and prepared since we knew what to expect

Infant Safety and CPR (non-certified) – YES but thank goodness we haven’t had to use it

Prepared Childbirth – Yes but I could definitely skip this for any additional children unless it was 4+ years since having my first. I did use a technique from the class which was breathing in/ out slowly and deeply while closing my eyes and focusing on getting through each wave (contraction)

Breastfeeding – Yes* and no. I’m only torn because the class itself was good and told you how to contact a lactation consultant (LC) but I still NEEDED an LC and you could find all of the info online

Newborn Care – Yes (see memes below) unless you’re not a first time parent, are around a lot of babies or if you take care of babies for a living

*if the class is offered for free

Pregnancy Classes pt 1

This post was kind of boring so I figured I’d insert funny memes that go along with the name of the class ­čÖé

Early Pregnancy


  • Review of what to expect in the coming months
  • Other classes they recommend taking and when to register for them
  • Nutritional Info
  • Ways to ease “morning sickness”, aches and pain, exhaustion, etc

Late Pregnancy


  • Handouts
    • preparing for the┬áhospital
    • things to report to doctor
    • signs of preterm labor, pre-eclampsia, infection
    • contractions
      • Braxton Hicks vs True Labor Contractions
      • Timing
  • Review of third trimester symptoms (common, unusual and when to call/ alert care provider)
  • Recommendations for easing certain symptoms such as heartburn, mild swelling, etc
  • Postpartum Care for you and baby
  • Hospital tour
    • Visitors policy
    • Admittance (pregnant belly gets you in but all other guests including father must register at the front desk)
    • Parking
    • Additional details which include but aren’t limited to security procedures, food, duration of hospital stay

Infant Safety & CPR (non-certified)


  • Handouts with important phone numbers
  • Infant CPR
  • Hazards inside and outside of home
  • Infant and pet safety
    • suggestions for introducing both safely
  • Car seat safety/ proper installation
  • Poison control number
  • Preparing for emergencies

Prepared Childbirth

  • Handout (it was recommended to put this in hospital bag so I don’t remember what’s in it) with good info
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Birthing positions
  • Birthing partner and others who might attend the birth
    • things to think of when/ if you decide to invite others
  • Videos of different types of births
  • Different types of pain medication
  • Difference between Braxton Hicks Contractions and Contractions that prepare cervix for delivery
  • Effacement & Dilation
    • the importance of knowing the difference



  • Handout (details about what is discussed in class as well as helpful resources)
  • Benefits
  • Recommendations for bottle feeding, pacifiers, pumping, milk storage and returning to work while breastfeeding
  • Bottle and nipple options
  • Formula vs Breastfeeding
  • Positions
  • Supplies
  • Helpful resources

Newborn Care


  • Handout
    • Details on class/ slideshow
    • Colic
    • Circumcision
  • ┬áClass
    • Resources for
      • Postpartum Depression
      • Lactation Help
      • Car seat safety
    • Feeding (breast & bottle)
    • Burping, diapering, SIDS, sleeping, soothing, swaddling, bathing, safety
    • Newborn care (cord care, circumcision & signs of illness)