The Talk

When my husband and I noticed that my birth control (BC) was making me a little loopy we decided I’d stop taking anything hormone related. Since I wasn’t convinced that I wanted kids I researched natural methods for prevention.

I started by looking up natural family planning which led me to Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). In a nutshell you track your cycle in order to identify potential fertile days. Note: I won’t be going into detail because there is a lot of info and right now I want to jump into my story. This seemed great to me because it didn’t involve any chemicals and most praised it for helping them become more familiar with their body. After additional research, I learned A LOT from this method and I figured out it is mostly used for trying to get pregnant. Once we figured out that human error accounted for a lot of people’s complaints about this method we decided to seriously discuss children.

We had the talk… I was nervous at first because my husband and I only had one other serious conversation about children and I didn’t remember how it ended. I started off by telling him everything I knew about the FAM as well as the human error part. We discussed what we’d do if we had kids which included everything that surrounds the topic. By the time we finished I was even more in love with the man I chose to marry. I felt confident that we’d be good parents and that we were on the same page. Life was good.

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