Farewell Edges


We’ve been together since I was born. We’ve weathered many storms. We’ve gone on adventures and explored new places. You never judged me or left me in my time of need. Now that I enter a new phase in my life I couldn’t help but notice our relationship has changed. You’re fading, going away, backing off… I don’t know how to deal with this. I knew it was a possibility but I fooled myself into thinking we were going to get through this untouched. I figured you were strong enough to stick around during the most exciting yet scariest time in my life OUR life. But, like so many others have already experienced, you abandoned me so where do we go from here.

Okay so that was extremely dramatic but you get my point. I started noticing thinning around my hairline when I hit 3 months postpartum. At 4 months I knew I wasn’t crazy and that my edges were indeed thinning. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t convince myself that my edges would be fine. However I did and now I’m way more traumatized than I should be. I would pick my son over my edges but I miss them. Pulled back hairstyles don’t look the same and the overall feel of a simple ponytail or bun is just sad now. I have confidence my edges will return to me but for now I wonder where our relationship went wrong. Was it the pregnancy hormones? The lack of attention? The frequent washing without conditioning? Only time will reveal the reason but know I miss you and I will do everything I can to get you to come back to me.

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