Unexpected BFP

June 27, 2015

FINALLY the end of June was near! I could relax and enjoy the weekend with a mimosa or whatever my drink of choice was. We started to get ready to head out to brunch when I jokingly said I should test before we leave so I can enjoy guilt-free drinking. Hubby laughed with me and said okay. Actually I’m not sure if I told him my intentions before or after but either way that is why I tested. So I went to the bathroom tested and left it on the counter as I got ready because it obviously wasn’t going to be positive considering our poor timing and crummy month. After about 4 minutes, I checked the test as I brushed my teeth. Utter disbelief… Was that a line? No you have line eyes because you just finished looking at the FF (Fertility Friend) forums. Reread the box maybe you’re looking at the wrong spot. Nope you still see it. Call an unbiased party (hubby).


Me – Babe are you busy?

Hubby – No, why?

Me – Can you come look at this?

Hubby – Sure

Me – Do you see a line there?

Hubby – Yeah its super light but I see it. Why?

Me – Read the box…

Hubby – What does it mean? Wait are you pregnant?

Me – According to that faint line I might be.

Hubby – Well it’s really light. Does it even still count? I thought they were supposed to be equal to or darker than.

Me – No babe you’re thinking of our OPKs (ovulation predictor kits). If there is even a faint line you’re pregnant

Hubby – What do we do now?

Me – I don’t know. I’m only used to +OPKs… I’ll Google it tomorrow.

Well to all of you Dollar Tree HPT (home pregnancy test) naysayers You’re Wrong! We found out for the first time (no previous pregnancies) that we were pregnant using the Dollar Tree pregnancy test. I’m not saying bad tests are impossible nor am I getting paid to say this I simply wanted to mention it to let others know you do not have to spend a ton on HPT especially if you’re trying to get pregnant which means you’ll use a lot of them. And for those POAS (pee on a stick) addicts it’ll save you a lot of money and you’ll be able to test freely. With that said we backed it up the next day with more expensive brands because hubby didn’t trust the $1 test… Please note the picture says CD (cycle day) but it should have said DPO (days past ovulation). So it was the 12th DPO that I saw the first +HPT! The bottom two are with FMU (first morning urine) on 13DPO.


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