The Next Step – Phone Appt

We finally figured out the next step. I called the advice line and spoke with the nicest lady ever only to be transferred to someone who was more… Prickly lets call the other lady prickly… She told me I hadn’t missed my period and should have waited a week considering they won’t see me until 8 weeks. Then she scheduled my appointment and very dryly said Congratulations. As she tried to rush me off of the phone, I asked if I needed to come in for a blood or urine test to confirm pregnancy. Again she reminded me that in the eyes of doctors (not my charting) I didn’t miss my period so a urine test might not show up and a blood test seems unnecessary until I miss my period. I insisted and attempted to explain that we had been trying for a while and wanted to know quickly. She hastily says I can go in and didn’t need her to order the blood test. I knew that seemed strange because I had to have my doctor order the initial test for my pre-conception checkup. But she worked there and I didn’t so I took her word for it and arranged to go to the lab after work.

I’d like to mention that my car was still in the shop due to my accident so in addition to taking me to/ from work hubby would now have to speed in his Crown Vic to get me to the lab on time. Does anyone know how much fuel for a Crown Vic cost?? I didn’t because my Chevy Cobalt barely takes any. I say all of this so you’ll know why WE were so annoyed. Long story short hubby rushed from work to take me to the lab only to get there and be told that the blood work had to be ordered but I could take the urine test. I took the test and left feeling like someone deflated my balloon. Thankfully my urine test came back early the next day but the result was inconclusive. What did that mean? Isn’t it yes or no? Is there a maybe answer to that test? I called as soon as the advice line was open so I could get clarification. Thankfully the odd test led to blood work being requested without question.

I waited for what felt like days to get the blood test result. Finally about 1-2 days later I get a call from my doctor’s office. It’s my OB (correction NP but I’ve only ever seen her so she’s an OB in my head) on the line saying the sweetest things and congratulating me! She said she asked them to wait so she could call me herself. Apparently she remembered me from all of my emails which started well before we were even ready to conceive. I felt so relieved. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t as if I thought ALL of those tests could be wrong but talking to Ms. Prickly made me doubt my eyes and reading ability. In the end that one phone call from someone I didn’t even think remembered me changed my whole mood. Our next big milestone would be 7/29/15 when we have our first office visit!

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