Glucose Test – 11w2d

YAY! We made it through the yucky stuff. The car accident was finished, the spotting stopped (lasted a whole week), our baby was fine, vacation was completely paid off and both of us now had websites with registered domain names.

We were both eagerly awaiting our next appointment as it would be with my regular OB (technically NP…) whom I hadn’t seen in person in a while. Plus you guessed it we also got to leave work early which meant more time we could spend together without being tired from work and traffic.

Since this wasn’t our first appointment, we were prepared. I had all of my paperwork, questions and urine sample! We were so excited because in my mind this made it official. I was seeing the lady who’d been helping me and referred me to an RE right before we got our BFP.

First standard hubby protocol. Asked routine questions, hubby comes back, we make jokes then NP comes in. Keep in mind I referred to her as doctor up until recently but that’s jumping ahead. We greet each other, I introduce her to my hubby and the appointment examine starts. She checks lady parts, asks how I’ve been feeling then does US (ultrasound). During the US, hubby was being awesome and took video after a slightly hilarious conversation about whose phone to use. We joked during the US and I tried to guess the length (horribly off) then she asked if we had any questions. I asked everything under the sun including if my prenatal was adequate, my weight concerns and my exercise DVD. She answered all of my questions and hubby’s then told us what was going to happen next. To quickly sum up the next two appointments: found out about help if I get depressed/ stressed during pregnancy, info about/ dates for next two appointments but each one took way too long because we were chatting (really loved the ladies that helped us!) so we had to wait for the glucose test.

Glucose Test1

I decide to do the glucose test the next day in the morning which meant no hubby to keep me occupied during the hour wait. I came early armed with a book to make the time pass and to enjoy some uninterrupted reading. I walked up to the counter after being called, smiled as big as I possibly could while telling her why I was there, picked my flavor (orange or lime), drank it quickly then waited. I chose lime because I’d heard stories about the overtly sweet tasting orange flavor. I thought the lime flavor tasted like a really lemony Sprite. I wanted to take a picture but they promptly take the bottle from you when you’re finished. So now the wait begins. I sat for what didn’t seem too long until the waiting room started to fill up and people became increasingly loud. When my time was up I felt like shouting BINGO! but refrained. After 8 vials of blood, I was slightly dizzy and done! Easy breezy 🙂 Thankfully my hospital/ doctor’s office post the results on my health manager so I didn’t have to wait until my next appointment before I found out the results. All was fine and now I could wait (not so patiently) for the next appointment.

Please note I wanted to add the funny US video but I don’t know how. If I figure it out I’ll post it in here!

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