25 – 29 Week Update

I can no longer apologize for my absence. I’ve just been off lately. This will be the fastest update ever and hopefully I will be posting regularly after this.


(Pic is from Pinterest. No copyright violation intended but not sure who to give credit to??)

As you may have noticed (if anyone is there), I published two other posts today that I didn’t realize never made it beyond drafting… I meant to publish those a long time ago as I am currently 31 weeks but as you see they are just now making it onto the web. It is my hope that when my son is old enough he’ll be able to see what his mom was up to while she was pregnant with him. Unfortunately this is a great example of my good intentions but short attention span. Onward to the updating!

11/30/15 – Gave two-week notice at my job

12/1 – 12/10 –

  • Crazy busy at work trying to get everything done before I leave
  • Having dreams/nightmares about leaving work
  • Stressing about not finishing everything before I go
  • Paranoid about forgetting to do something
  • Trying my best not to leave any unnecessary work WHILE training my backup
  • General freaking out over making such a big change
  • Baby becoming more active

12/11/15 –

  • Last day after almost (11 days short) 10yrs with the same company
    • Only half day because of appt
  • Baby appt – everything great and measuring right on time
    • Received kick counter and birth plan worksheets!!!!
  • Super emotional

12/14/15 – First day as SAHW (stay at home wife) well until our son is born then I’ll be a SAHM (stay at home mom)

12/14 – 12/23 –

  • Harassing my mom a lot
  • Surprising and harassing my sister at her job
  • Lots of cleaning
  • Sick again…
  • Emotional
  • Saw Star Wars at a private screening
  • Able to see baby movements from the outside

12/24 – 12/27 – Spent lots of time with hubby

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