24 Weeks


Mood: Emotional

Energy: Low

Appetite: Low

Morning Sickness: NA but I do have a cold that started 11/16 and has kept me off work 11/17 – 11/20. For all those wondering listen to people who try to warn you. Being sick while pregnant is awful! You’re already tired and getting used to your new shape so don’t add to it. Avoid sick people like they have an incurable disease and make sure you keep hand sanitizer on you at all times or just wash your hands if possible.

Cravings: NA being sick has left me without an appetite…

Additional: Don’t get sick while pregnant. Do check with HR if you think you’re going to be out more than a day or two just in case you need a doctor’s note for your time off. Do accept help when offered to you. Try not to get your SO or anyone around you sick. Do rest no matter how bad you want to get back to your normal routine. Do use this time to smother your poor neglected dog (Oreo) with attention, cuddles and love besides he’s probably the only one who doesn’t mind being around you while you’re this sick…

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