Pregnancy Update

Going forward my goal is to be consistent since the really cool stuff is starting to happen! Plus it’ll be nice for my little one to be able to find updates of my pregnancy in one place rather than searching through all those journals (previously mentioned) I have. Here are the highlights as well as some pictures.



Mood: Emotional

Energy: Low to Normal

Appetite: Normal but can’t actually eat a lot

Morning Sickness: Must take vitamins with almond milk or else be nauseous

Cravings: Pizza & hot wings, mashed potatoes & corn

Additional: 15 – 19 wks. Felt quickening at 16 weeks! Took last big vacation (see Almost Wordless Vacation Recap). Oldest dog Cino died right before we left to go on trip but didn’t find out until we returned (see My 1st Child – Fur Baby).



Mood: All over the place!

Energy: Eh. It comes and goes…

Appetite: Normal

Morning Sickness: NA

Cravings: Cold Stone (Cake batter & Pumpkin w/ white chocolate chips and toasted almonds)

Additional: 20 – 23wks. Paranoid that you’re dead when in fact you just seem to be a calm baby. Hanging out with my mom more. Afraid of gaining too much weight. 11/3 went to ER for bad asthma attack. 11/4 off to sleep. 11/5 only made it half day before asthma started up again. 11/6 took off for asthma plus not feeling well. 11/9 panic attack, anxious and can’t stay asleep.

♥We’re having a BOY!!!♥


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