31 Weeks – Changes


Mood: Good

Energy: Low with occasional bursts of energy (hence the bathrobe pic)

Appetite: High 😦

Baby Movement: Yes and strong!

Contractions: NA


  • Sleeping Requirements
    • Recliner = decent/ reliable
    • Bed = only w/ a carefully placed pillow fort
    • Baby cooperation = iffy at best
    • Heartburn/ Indigestion = Give up and find something besides sleeping to occupy time
  • I feel huge which is why my head is cut off
  • Events
    • Maternity Photos (separate post if I remember)
    • Classes
      • Will post after each class and one big follow up post after baby comes to say which classes were/ weren’t useful
  • Nursery
    • Downsize in order to make more space for baby
    • Organize and start deciding where baby items will be placed
    • Crib already set up and waiting to put fitted sheet on
    • DIY decoration
      • Have basic supplies but still need 5 frames
  • Continuous mental prep for L&D (labor and delivery)

I should have more posts because a majority of our classes are this month. Of course this is assuming my exhaustion doesn’t get the best of me and I actually write the post. We’ll see who wins but I plan on pushing myself in order to make a way better record for my son. It might seem morbid but I figure if the worse happens during L&D he’ll at least be able to look back at this when he’s older and get a small glimpse of his mommy. If everything goes well then he’ll have this as well as his mommy to show him what I was doing while he was cooking.

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