32 Weeks – Maternity Photos

My look for maternity photos (clothes are Motherhood Maternity)

Mood: Optimistic & Emotional

Energy: Varies (Tired to Energetic)

Appetite: Normal – High

Baby Movement: Yes, he’s back to his regular schedule of 3am to 7am and 6pm to ?

Contractions: Braxton Hicks (maybe)

Other: Maternity Photos

I know I said a separate post but in order to stay on track I must put this all in one. I also decided to wait until I’ve finished all of my classes and just write on big post on all of them (highlights only) then either a follow up or a revised version after I deliver.

I was tired, running late and didn’t get a chance to really TRY to do my makeup like the YouTuber I started watching but I made it. I was disappointed in myself but I was determined to enjoy the photo shoot and embrace whatever was to come. I figure just in case this is my only child I better enjoy everything about it even if I have to slap a smile on my face until I truly feel good which is exactly what I did and it worked. The photographer was wonderful (a friend’s nephew) and his friend/ cousin was a sweetheart and very helpful volunteering to hold my giant purse and my husband’s jacket so we wouldn’t have to keep putting them on the ground. I’ll have to check with him before I put his website or any of his info in this post but I would recommend him.

I was very easygoing without any clear direction. The only thing I said was I didn’t want the typical maternity shoot. I realized it’d still have to be tame (nothing too daring) because I’m not in shape, I’m tired and am terrible at taking photos actually the only reason I even decided to do a maternity photo session was at the urging of my friends and those who wish they would have done it. It was definitely a great decision. Like I previously mentioned the photographer was wonderful. He took all the things I mentioned and translated that into the photos. He retouched them yet left them looking like us so it wasn’t super edited/ photo-shopped. He let us chat and play around in between pics and even caught some really awesome ones while we weren’t paying attention. His prices were excellent and he had the pics to us on Monday (photos were taken Saturday). All in all this was a wonderful experience and I am strongly considering asking him to come to the hospital and snap a few shots there even though I know those will be “regular” because of the environment. However I don’t know how he’d feel about being on-call for something like that since it won’t be close to his house… Either way it goes the experience was wonderful and it truly showed me two important things.

  1. Enjoy the moments you have and embrace the memories because one day that might be all you have left of a time long gone.
  2. I might not be picture perfect or even picture ready but every picture captures the moment perfectly in all of it’s imperfect glory.
from Pinterest (original source unknown)

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