34 Weeks – Stretch Marks


Mood: Excited

Energy: Varies

Appetite: Normal – High

Baby Movement: Yes but not nearly as grand

Contractions: Braxton Hicks (maybe)

Other: Stretch Marks

The biggest change has been stretch marks! My hubby took the picture above which is when I realized how many I have. Originally I wasn’t going to post it then I was going to use filters until it went away but I realized something. This blog isn’t for monetary gain, how to’s, self help or anything of that nature. This blog is simply to document things during my pregnancy for my son and myself because lets face it I could forget all this stuff. SO I decided to leave in the super unflattering picture of my stretched stomach. Plus I figure if someone does come across this blog in hopes to find something that makes them feel better about their stretch marks then here it is for them to see they are not alone. But in true vanity I removed my face because I’m just not ready to be a Meme… Not that my blog is viewed enough to become meme worthy but you never know and I am a paranoid person. That’s all for this update but 35 week update will have more if I remember because I’ll have another doctor’s appointment, a class and an update on the wonderfully unexpected gifts we’ve received for our little man.

Side note: There is no way to prevent stretch marks. Your genetics usually play a bigger role in your stretch marks than any type of care. The only thing you can do is try to minimize their appearance. My doctor recommended gaining weight slowly and staying moisturized to prevent itchiness which could cause you to scratch which would irritate the skin and potentially make their appearance worse. For reference, as of when this pic was taken I gained about 20lbs and I’d definitely consider that slow weight gain. My advice is to ask your parents whether or not they have any and proceed accordingly.

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