33 Weeks – Sleepy


Mood: ?

Energy: Nonexistent

Appetite: Normal – High

Baby Movement: Yes but without any discernible pattern…

Contractions: N/A

Other: More Classes

The title says it all. We had two classes and both were good but sleep was awful. Due to lack of sleep this post will be lack luster and extremely short but I hope to do better next time. This will at least show my little man how determined I was to keep him up-to-date on what was going on while he was on the inside. Oh one more thing… Giant boobs make it hard to sleep as well! Between the belly and the boobs I can’t get comfy. Yes, I realize this will get worse once milk comes in but at least the belly will be deflated.

PSA – if your future wife complains about sleeping then asks for a pregnancy pillow just buy it. Don’t ask if she really needs it, where you will sleep or anything of that nature. Take notes from Nike and Just Do It.

Side note: Hubby if you’re reading this it isn’t a jab at you. I very much love and appreciate your awesome alternative esp. since I would be uncomfortable regardless. This is just for those who doubt the validity of the pregnancy pillow/ additional pillow request.

Pregnancy Sleep
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