39 Weeks – Contractions?


Mood: Varies (over being pregnant – impatiently waiting – given up because I’ll be pregnant forever lol)

Energy: Varies (nonexistent – forcing myself to adult/ be responsible)

Appetite: Normal

Baby Movement: Yes

Contractions: I started getting strong contractions in my lower back. It was exciting on Monday when it first happened but considering I’m still pregnant I’m over it and am confused as to whether or not these are considered false labor contractions or Braxton Hicks.

Other: Car Seat Inspection 3/1 and Doctor Appt 3/3


Car Seat Inspection went very well. Shout out to Officer B at the CHP in my area! I called super early in the morning and she wasn’t in yet but I was able to leave her a message. I missed her call but she let me know she’d be out the rest of the week (which wasn’t too bad because I called Wednesday) and could call Monday to schedule an appointment or give one of the other resources (which she provided info for) a call. Well I procrastinated so I ended up just calling her on Monday which was risky considering I’m due in less than a week… She asked my EDD, car make/model and whether or not I already installed the car seat. I told her I installed it already and wanted to make sure I did it correctly. She then made an appointment for the next day. I went to the appointment with my car seat, base and instructions for both my car seat and car. I arrived early because well she’s a police officer and I figured she might be busy or have more pressing matters to attend to. She came out, had me fill out paper work, explained what we were going to do and off we went.

First she verified I had the manual/ instructions/ directions for both car seat and car. I did. She checked the type of car seat and my car (she was familiar with my make/ model so that was easy). She then proceeded to go over all the things I should look out for as well as how to make the LATCH system tight on the base (there was wiggle room even though up to 1 inch is considered acceptable). She also let me know how to safely put baby in car seat, how to adjust the straps, what’s acceptable for seat position and how to install the base in the event someone else’s vehicle doesn’t have the LATCH system. She answered all of my questions, highlighted the important parts on the copy she gave me, told me I can schedule a separate appointment in order to be shown exactly how to install it in hubby’s car (no LATCH system) and she let me know that everything looked good before she made adjustments. That last part made me smile the most because I read all of the directions before I installed it so it was nice to know I followed the directions correctly even though she was able to tighten it. She said it was perfectly fine the way it was since it had less than an inch wiggle room but that tightening it adds to the safety. All in all it was very quick, helpful and worth the time. If you have any questions at all regarding your car seat installation I would encourage you to look up local places that will do the inspection for free. It is easier to start with Highway Patrol and Fire Stations but be aware that not all of them have a car seat inspector (Officer B is the one who let me know this because it requires classes to get certified).


A lot has gone down since I started writing this draft. Sorry son mommy won’t be able to tell you what happened during that appointment but know that I love you and the next post will be the important one 🙂 Hopefully you (or your future wife) will enjoy the funny meme I’ve put in place of your appointment update.

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