Over Being Pregnant

So I’ve been trying to write this post for a while. The furthest I got was writing the title and that was weeks ago… Here’s what I remember.

I’ve been saying the whole time that I’d be overdue while hoping he came around 39 weeks exactly. I figured 39 weeks would be when I was completely over being pregnant. And I was right! It didn’t help that during my last appointment my OB/GYN said she didn’t think I’d go past my due date but scheduled the induction anyways because I was so over being pregnant and I insisted.

After my last post (which was posted way late), I was trying to remember all of my random annoyances and issues during the 39w1d – the start of labor but my brain was drawing a blank as I’d just had a baby… Long story short everything annoyed me including anything I did. The only time I was even semi pleasant is when I felt a cramp or pain and thought labor might be imminent. Other than that I felt as though I was crabby all of the time. Well in walks 39w5d which was Saturday when hubby and I were just over me being pregnant so we started getting silly/ sarcastic.

Over Pregnancy

Saturday 2016:

  • Morning – Being lazy and didn’t really do much
  • Noon – Realized we never ate so we went to brunch then went back home to relax
  • Afternoon – Ate too much and was in need of a nap but couldn’t get comfortable to sleep. Ended up talking about LnD
  • Later – Hubby and I laughed about how labor would actually go and which one of those classes would be the most useful or if I’d completely forget everything we learned and scream through the whole labor
  • Night – I lost it…
    • I couldn’t sleep because I was still sick and huge
    • Extremely silly (read as delirious from not sleeping)
    • Hubby and I start joking about how labor would start
      1. He would wait until 11:59pm on Monday to come so he would technically be born on time but make us wait
      2. He’d wait until his father was driving to work then he’d come
      3. He’d wait until Tuesday to come so he would be late but not super late
      4. He’d wait until right before his scheduled induction then he’d come
      5. He’d never come and I’d be pregnant forever (my theory)
    • I was talking to my Pinterest Pals about my horrible cough when one said “hey wouldn’t it be funny if you coughed so hard your water broke?” I said I don’t care how this kids come as long as he gets out
  • Super late (technically the next day) – I was in the bathroom praying and whining about wanting to be in labor no matter how it started but hoping it started like it did in the movies
    • I was actually crying and partially hysterical because I was so tired and hubby was sleeping soundly and I just stopped cramping which meant yet again I was having false labor (non-useful contractions)
    • Big mug full of tea in my Keurig and Netflix
    • Things got real!!

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