Review: Delimira Full Figure Bra

Delimira Women’s Smooth Full Figure Underwire Seamless Minimizer Bra (40F)


I purchased* this bra on Amazon not expecting much because it’s literally the cheapest bra of this size I’ve ever found. I received it in the packaging above which seemed sufficient.


I immediately looked at the seams and was shocked because it was stitched well. There weren’t any loose threads and nothing was frayed. The design was cute enough for a bra of this size and the material felt soft. I say cute enough because unless you spend $60+ you only get a plain almost hospital looking bra.


Next I had to look at the clasp… I was nervous because it was on $17.99 plus tax (as of 2/7/18). But the above picture is what was looking back at me. An industrial strength reinforced closure that would hold back the twins! Okay maybe that was an exaggeration but needless to say it wasn’t the cheap piece of material I expected to see at that price. The straps and rings seemed standard.

Final Notes:

  • Affordable
  • Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime
  • Minimizer portion is more of a flattening which caused a little spillage
    • this could be pilot error as this is my first minimizer
  • Not sure how many washes the cups will go through while still minimizing
    • again could be pilot error as I think most bras recommend hand washing but I’m not doing that…
    • so far one wash on regular cycle (& dry) and we’re doing good
  • Will buy again in same color
    • other options in my size (40F) were Ivory & Pink
*using gift cards from taking surveys

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