Anniversary Post


Happy Anniversary to us!

Letter to my husband:

I love you because you allow me to be myself in all of my weird, random, crazy, psychotic, childish and moody ways. I love how you look at me when I say something so crazy that even you wonder if I’m sane. I love how you sleepily comfort me in the middle of the night even if you don’t know what’s wrong. I love how you accept that I want to complain to my best friend (you) about something my husband (also you) did 😉 I love that you compliment me. I get angry you calm me down. I’m sad you try to lift my spirits. I cry you encourage me to let it all out. I become pessimistic you force me to see your annoyingly optimistic point of view. I feel like the world hates me and you remind me that it is impossible since the whole world doesn’t know me (there’s that annoying optimism). My point is I love you because you show that you love me enough to accept who I am not who you want or imagine me to be. You love the woman that I am, the capable wife I’m striving to be and the good mother I hope to become.


BBK (Inside joke)

Now for the anniversary kick off!

My husband & I travel as our anniversary gift to each other rather than exchanging gifts but we always go out to dinner on/ around our anniversary. This year we went to Red Lobster and I was totally surprised to find out it was my favorite time: ENDLESS SHRIMP!


Needless to say baby-love (our kid’s nickname) & I ate way too much shrimp but we enjoyed every minute of it. Hubby ordered the same but he has self-control unlike myself… We talked about our baby, what we were looking forward to and what we hoped to teach him/her. We chatted about the first things we want to document as well as the odd milestones that most people wouldn’t normally keep track of. We quickly mentioned fears but tried not to dwell on them too long as not to bring down the mood of the evening. We discussed other adult things as well as our upcoming (and probably last big one for a while) vacation. All in all it was the perfect night. Relaxing, loving, informative and fun/ entertaining.

FYI – Anniversary/ Vacation post will most likely be a ton of pictures with captions rather than a real post.

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