37 Weeks – 1st Appt Alone


Mood: Excited but over being pregnant

Energy: Varies

Appetite: Normal

Baby Movement: Yes

Contractions: Braxton Hicks/ Cramping

Other: Doctor’s Appointment

Dr Appt: This was the first doctor’s appointment I went to alone. Hubby was exhausted (unable to make up time at work) and my mom wasn’t feeling well so I had to go solo. It was very strange for me. I was so used to having someone to laugh and joke with while I waited on the doctor/ nurse practitioner that I was never able to get worried. Well not after the initial scary first appointments. This time however there was nothing but silence so I had the fear of getting bad news and having to process it alone. Granted I had no reason to fear the worse but it is always in the back of my mind because this pregnancy seems too good to be true. Anyways everything was fine.

  • Measuring right on
  • Dilated 2cm
  • Effaced 50%
    • not sure how I went from 90% to 50% but I guess all of this is subjective depending on someone’s hand size/ opinion/ interpretation
  • Next appointment scheduled for 3/3/16 which is 2 days before the hospital’s EDD
    • I say hospital because according to the app I used (Fertility Friend) his EDD is 3/7

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